The Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal (CUG+R):

The Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal (CUG+R) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to engage in research initiatives fundamental to achieving livable and sustainable urban, suburban and rural environments.

CUG+R uses cross-disciplinary research to advance collective knowledge regarding the creation and renewal of sustainable urban, suburban and rural environments in Canada and elsewhere. CUG+R’s objective is to develop research to enhance public policy and promote private initiatives that foster City Regions and local communities that are well planned and designed, economically vibrant, socially diverse, culturally integrated and environmentally sustainable.

Founding members of CUG+R are associated with two of Canada’s leading architecture, planning and urban design practices: ERA Architects and SvN (formerly planningAlliance). CUG+R builds on decades of experience its directors and founders possess in research, architecture, planning and public policy. As CUG+R has grown, new¬†members have provided key experience to its core research mandate.

To this end, CUG+R works in collaboration with the University of Toronto’s Cities Centre, an umbrella organization that combines researchers from the University’s urban-focused faculties to engage in projects that affect positive change in the Toronto region and urban Canada.

The Directors of CUG+R are:
Michael McClelland (ERA)
John van Nostrand (JvN/d)
Edwin Rowse (ERA)
Ya’el Santopinto (ERA)
Drew Sinclair (SvN)
Graeme Stewart (ERA)
Norm Tasevsk (JvN/d)
Joshua Vanwyck (JMV)